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Essay on Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens

Essay about Oliver Twist Character

The protagonist in the novel "Oliver Twist" is Oliver Twist. He is between nine and twelve years old when the chief action of the novel occurs. Oliver is an orphan born and raised in London. Unfortunately, most of the places he stays at are not well being so he is very poor. The only family Oliver has is Monks, his half brother, and Rose Maylie, Oliver’s aunt. Oliver’s relations with these two people are not found out until the end of the novel. During the course of the novel, Oliver moves from place to place so he has no set home. Because of this, Oliver has no fixed occupation.

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The single change which occurs to Oliver Twist during the main course of the novel is his fortune. During the main part of “Oliver Twist”, Oliver is very poor and has no money. He is ranked as low class. At the end of the story, Oliver becomes adopted by a kind and generous man, Mr. Brownlow. Oliver is now richer than he has ever been before in his childhood. Additionally, he now has a safe place to live in without worrying about how much he is going to get to eat. For example, in what part of the story: Oliver asks for more food and gets a severe punishment for asking.

The exposition of the story is when Oliver’s mother dies and he is placed in a private juvenile home. After nine years of maltreatment, Oliver is transferred to the workhouse. When Oliver asks for more food, he is struck upon and then locked in a cellar. He is then taken to an apprentice, Sowerberry.

The narrative hook in “Oliver Twist” is at the beginning of the novel when Charles Dickens tells the reader what he is not going to tell them. This makes readers more eager to turn the page because the reader wants to know now what Dickens is “not going to tell.”

The rising action of the story is when Oliver is taken care of by a gang of London thieves. However, he refuses to participate in their thievery. Mr. Brownlow takes Oliver in to live with him. The thieves and Monks still continue to shadow Oliver.

The climax of the novel is when Nancy is murdered for telling Monk’s plans to Oliver’s guardians. Mr. Brownlow gets the full story of Oliver’s history from Monks. This part of the novel is when the reader is most interested. Obviously, it is a shock when Nancy is murdered. From the beginning of the novel, Oliver’s origins remain a mystery until the climax of the story.

The resolution the story is Fagin is executed and Sikes dies. Monks goes to the States and is arrested when he dies in prison. Oliver’s past is solver and he now lives with his adopted father, Mr. Brownlow.

On many circumstances, Oliver is not a believable character. Oliver is surprised and horrified when he sees the Artful Dodger and Charles Bates pick pocketing an old man’s handkerchief and when he is forced to contribute in a burglary. Other pauper children use vulgar slang but somehow Oliver speaks in proper English. Additionally, he has not been well educated so how does he speak in such proper grammar? When Oliver is manipulated and verbally and physically abused, he does not portray anger or resentfulness of any kind. When Oliver is forced into a burglary by Crackit and Sikes, he begs to be allowed to “run away and die in the fields.” Oliver is exposed as a saint throughout the novel.

Another unbelievable event in “Oliver Twist” was when Charlotte and Noah Claypole run away and happens to run into Fagin and the rest of the gang. This was such a coincidence which made this scene entirely unbelievable. What chance is there of them running away and just so happening to meet someone that knows Oliver Twist?

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