Friday, December 3, 2010

Essay on MLK

Essay on MLK

MLK: I am getting ready to give a big speech in Washington DC. It is going to be really important to our whole civil rights movement. We are going to be able to get a lot of attention and we will be able to turn a lot of heads if this goes well. I have the utmust confidence that it will.

Richard: That is the great thing about you, you are able to affect and change so many peoples lives in a positive way. All of the effort and work that you put into this cause is worth it. You have a cause and a goal to work towards. I once thought I had a cause and something to work towards.

MLK: You did. It weren't always as wealthy as you are now, you didn't always have the nice suits, and the luxury of being clean. You have worked very hard and have come a long way.

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Richard: Yes, that is true I have come a long ways, but for who? It was for me. All of the hard work that it took to get the money and all the things I have now, was for myself. No one else but myself. You have put in a tremendous amount of work into your work. The work you have put in wasn't for yourself, it was for us, or brothers and sisters, our family. Your work means something to other people. All of my work only mean't something to me.

MLK: Everyone does different kinds of work and live their lives differently. Not does work to benefit other people and that is not a bad thing at all. Richard, we are two different people that play different roles.

Richard: But your role is much more important. People respect you for who you are and what you are doing. They look up to you for leadership and will follow you. They genuinly respect you.

MLK: Walk down the street. You are the most respected man in this town. Everyone knows who you are and they all think you are a great man.

Richard: Sure, I am respected, but it is not for who I am, it is for what I have. No one really even knows me in this town more from the cortial greetings every morning. They see what I wear and they think that they should show respect because I dress nice. This is not real respect at all, not the respect you get. I feel that I have worked so hard to get to where I am at today, so that I could be happy. As I look at myself now, I realize that I am not happy at all. I shouldn't be. I have not done anything significant in my life, nothing to help other people. All I have done is help myself become something that I thought would make me happy but it really doesn't.

MLK: Then change your life around do something to help others. There has to be something that you can do, something that will make you happy with your life. You just need to work to find out what it is.

Richard: I have already put in too much work into what I am today and I am not happy with it. I don't want to continue to work for something that will be too hard to find. I have already wasted to much of my life turning into somebody that I hate to be. I can't change what I am now.

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