Sunday, December 5, 2010

Essay on Right to Bear Arms

Essay on Right to Bear Arms

The right to bear arms is one of the things that make our nation such a great and peaceful nation. The right to bear arms gives us protection and safty.

In our homes we need guns and other weapons to help protect our family and other vailable possesions that held in our homes. In case of a robbery we need a gun to defend ourselves and family.

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Self defence is a big issue today if some one is caught in your house it give you the right to bear arms because that person is tresspassing on private porperty. And could maybe do Arm to your family and possiable friends and houses.

With the right to bear arms the crime rate is not as high as in other counrtys because of the fact that they are very scard of what could happen to them if they walk into a house where there are fire arms them owner of the house has every right to shot them. That is why the crime rate here in the united states is high but not as high as it could get if we did not have the right to bear arms.

In conclusion I am for the right to bear arms if it is going to make myself and family and mainly the people that I care for safe and secure then I say if you don't like it dont't have one then, but maybe someday you will be thank full for the rights that you have as an Anerican of the united states of america.

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