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Essay on Somalia

Essay on Somalia

Somalia a country of Africa is a great place of suffering. Famine, war, and crime are just some coming things you can find in Somalia. This essay paper will focus on the time period of 1991-1995. This is when Somalia decided to get into a civil war and make this an international issue. This will also contain why this might have been a mistake or an action the United States did to make this a mistake.

After years as Italian and British colonies, Somalia gained its independents in 1960. A man named Said Barre controlled the country as a dictator. Another man who you will here have more named Aideed spent the late 1960’s and early 1970’s in prison for trying to take out Barre. Siad Barre then freed Aideed and appointed him ambassador to India, Sri Lanka, also Singapore. In doing this Siad Barre thought to himself since he gave this position to Aideed that he wouldn’t try to take him out again and appreciate this position. Close to the 1990’s, the dictatorship of Barre had fallen apart. Aideed who was waiting for this for a long time took Barre place and became leader of the United Somalia Congress, this was a rebellious group. There was something also unknown by the people of Somalia. A president was chosen who goes by the name of Ali Mahadi. This man was a republican who was not recognized by a lot of the population of the country. As the Civil war is looking up in June 1991, Aideed was elected as Chairman of the United Somalia Congress but as anyone would he refuses to step down from his presidency. In October of 1991, Ali Mahdi created a government containing eight ministers, for this the Italian government supported this group financially. While all this was going on many military clans were attempting to take control. At the time of March and June 1993, six groups from the north and central Somalia got with Aideed, learning and taking the tradition and political system of Somalia. In a violent civil war, Aideed clan was coming up.

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While all of this was going on U.N. opened an office in Mogadishu a couple of months after Aideed over come other forces. Yet U.N forces saw it was too late to make peace between the two clans so instead they tried to control the famine problem in Somalia. U.N. finally declared Somalia an anarchy, and then took military action in disarming the Somalian population and also try to change there government. The U.N. cause more violence then peace in Somalia because the Somalia’s fought to keep there old traditions of government and rules. During the time of June 5, 1993, U.N troops tried to close Aideed Radio Station that was commercially messages about the U.N., putting them down and making them look bad. Somalia’s attacking U.N. in retaliation caused the U.S. to fight an expensive bloody war that lasted five months. On October of 1993, the United States ended there conflict with Somalia because 18 American soldiers died and some of there bodies were dragged through Somalia streets.

Officially on March of 1994 is when western soldiers withdrew from Somalia, fighting came to a complete Holt. Many lives were lost on our side and lots of money were spent, was it worth it? Did this war change or make a difference in Somalia?

No, I pretty much feel this war was a mistake something that should’ve been handled differently. We went into a war underestimating the enemy; we didn’t really think it through. We didn’t make an impact on the Somalia people. The reason why I say this is because.

Fighting in the capital of Somalia steered up again in October of 1995. Supporters of the military anarchy clan in Somalia fired at banana boats on there way into docking in Somalia. The reason why this happened was because the banana companies were aiding aideed, how? Aideed supporters say that Aideed collects a tax on the export of the bananas and also the banana company gives Aideed military aid. The U.S. going into there just gave them some other reason the bare arms and to kill more. Some say we are weak for withdrawing from the war. I say it was a stale mate and something pointless because that’s there way of life. Basically Somalia caused many large armies to leave there countries and Somalia men are mostly a militia of unpaid workers or volunteers. If you believe the Somalia’s won the war they didn’t in military superiority but they made it a point that militia superiority is good to accomplish and achieve goals.

What I would have done or change would be, first of all if we got involved already I would’ve pushed hard in overthrowing these clans and form of government. In doing this we could have put a U.S. friendly government in the place of this anarchy government. I would’ve planed this war out more, studied the area a little better because we can be easily fooled by these people. Overall I wouldn’t have pulled out U.S and U.N. Forces.

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