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Essay on Pearl Jam

Essay on Pearl Jam

In a world so saturated with images and experiences of the realities of human nature, few people have had the courage to confront the issues and situations of our present the situation. Of all the different types of people who have been courageous and strong enough to fight this hopeless but noble battle, few expected our even realize that the band Pearl Jam remains a stable force in this category of fighters. Pearl Jam fights with its words, actions, and its music, inspiring thousands of fans to think and react to injustice, fear, and often painful experience of living in this world.

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The Seattle Scene grew out of a rebellion against the Yuppie culture that sprawled in fishing town during the 1980’s. The popular bands of the time stopped making the extra trek to Seattle to perform, and it was this lack of music that sprawled hundreds of often connected bands to form. Bars and clubs became the perfect spot for the local community of bands and their fans to gather and enjoy the music. The music was heavily influenced by rock and punk but contrary to popular belief, it was not a particular sound that defined the Seattle Scene. Lack of concern for success and a common knowledge that there was no chance for commercial success in Seattle that created the emotion and purity of the music. The bands that stuck together with no hope for a future where those that truly loved music. This climate gave birth to some of the most powerful and moving music and the most influential bands to date. It was the creation of Sub Pop, the definitive Seattle independent record label which brought this scene to attention of the world. The two heads of Sub Pop, Bruce Pavitt and Jonathan Poneman add more stuff here using Screaming Life book.

A product of Seattle’s newly coined “grunge” scene was the band Green River. With conflicting thoughts about the future of the band, the group split in 1999. The band’s guitarist, Stone Gossard, and bassist, Jeff Ament, together formed Mother Love Bone. Unfortunately, the lead singer, Andrew Wood, became the grunge scene’s first casualty. Wood died of a heroin overdose on the eve of the band’s first tour. Unable to regroup after the death of Wood, the band split in 1999. Gossard and Ament recruited Mike McCready, a veteran of the Seattle scene, along with Matt Cameron from the band Soundgarden to record some tracks while looking for a lead singer. The musicians tapped a friend, Jack Irons, a drummer for the Red Hot Chili Peppers to help them in their search. Irons passed the tape of tracks the group had recorded to Eddie Vedder, a musician he had meet while playing in San Diego.

Eddie Vedder had moved to Seattle in 1999 with his family. Vedder dropped out of high school before his senior year in pursuit of a future as a singer/ songwriter. He joined the band Bad Radio, known for there distinctive pop sound. During this time, Vedder soaked up as much knowledge and experience as the San Diego music scene could provide him with. One of his favorite places to meet traveling musicians and learn about the record industry was working for free as a gofer at Bacchanal, a popular San Diego venue. It was there that Vedder meet Jack Irons. The lasting impression that the charming Vedder had on Irons proved to be the crucial link between the Seattle musicians and the talented Eddie Vedder, and in late 1990 the band began to come together.

Eddie Vedder was greatly inspired from the rush of emotions and memories from his past that he experienced while listening to the tape he received from Irons. Immediately, he began to write lyrics to the songs. Vedder caught the first flight to Seattle where he meet Stone Gossard, Jeff Ament, Mike McCready, and Matt Cameron. The group immediately went to the studio where they recorded 11 songs in five days. This session gave birth to the powerful songs “Jeremy”, which was inspired by a true story of a Texas student that commited suicide in his English classroom. “Alive” was inspired by a conversation Vedder had with his mother when he was thirteen in which she revealed that the man he thought was his biological father was actually his stepfather and that his real father was a distant family friend, a man Vedder had meet on occasion, that had recently died of multiple sclerosis. (Colapinto and Boehlert, 1996, p.50). The band called itself Mookie Blaylock, after the famous basketball player, but after Mookie Blaylock himself objected, the group changed their name to Pearl Jam. The band soon signed with Epic and released their debut album, Ten, in August of 1991. (Colapinto and Boehlert, 1996, p.51). Initially, Ten’s sales where low, but after Nirvana released Nevermind, the popularity of Ten increased dramatically and the album’s first single “Alive” was played in heavy rotation on the radio and MTV. (Colapinto and Boehlert, 1996, p.50).

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