Saturday, March 20, 2010

ESL Essay

Essay on ESL

Imagine taking high school chemistry in a foreign language. This seems like it would complicate the situation. I think that as teachers having a fifty percent chance of this hypothetical situation becoming a reality means that proactive measures must be taken to teach these special students. Learning is awkward enough for kids, language shouldn’t be an issue that impedes an education. That is why there are newly vamped ESL programs available to facilitate learning at all ages.

ESL is an important facet of the school systems in today’s society because of the vast number of people coming to our country expecting to provide the best for their children. Unfortunately, no child left behind states that the best for their children must happen within the year and these goals are unattainable. The government allows a mere three years for every child to complete their understanding of the English language individual situations don’t matter. The government makes no exceptions, and doesn’t take anything into account except for their statistics.

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All these factors into account about how society and demographics are constantly changing has made me think more and more about the options I will have being a Spanish speaker. ESL aside I have realized from the presentation that a second language is a must, even if you already know English. There were once beliefs that as long as you know English, the language of business, that functioning in today’s society wouldn’t be a problem, but now I think that people are realizing that there are language barriers in every profession. What I never thought about before though was that I could potentially teach a student that doesn’t speak my language. This realization hit hard. Yes I know Spanish and am exposed to other language speakers all the time, but to teach someone without the commonality of speech boggles my mind. I think that is why I am so fascinated with the ESL program. Who knows, with all the new information I have gotten this semester so far I have changed my career goals each week. I wonder what I will want to be next week?

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