Thursday, March 25, 2010

Human Sciences and Family Essay

Essay on Human Sciences and Family

In the past I haven’t really had any experience with human science besides interacting with my family and a small encounter with nutrition . In the eighth our school hosted a career day and there was a nutritionist there she caught my attention and then briefly gave me her job description. She was a nutritionist for the Fairfax County Public Schools and her job was to serve over the basic needs for food and nutrition for the county. After this experience I wanted to become a nutritionist. I began to research the profession on the internet and learn more about it. I felt as though this was the career for me.

When I hear the word human scientist I think of a person who deals with human development in children and families, food,nutrition, and dietics, and fashion design. I see a career that enhances the lives of individuals, families, and communities over time. Human scientist are also nutritionist/ professionals that support families and individuals needs for nutrition. This is a career that is in need.

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I could refer the term human scientist to myself but I don’t think that I am quite there yet. I have some qualities that would relate me to the profession whether it is in the child / family organization or the food and nutrition organization. As for family I am a very family oriented person and can truly understand the complexity within a family. When it comes to food and nutrition my experience isn’t as strong but I do know the importance of all health issues. It important to have a balanced diet and take of your body. Everyone is different in the way that there body takes in food and digests it only you and maybe your nutritionist know your body.

A family is a unit or team. A unit and a team are similar because it is working together for a common goal just like a family strives to keep their household together. Family to me whether it’s a tribe or a stock cannot me destroyed. A family equals one whole. Keep in mind that just because a family cannot be destroyed doesn’t mean that they don’t have problems. The wellness of family is dependant on the people that are within it. Everybody doesn’t and won’t always get along and that’s where the emotional and verbal communication in the family kicks in. Family is priceless and should be not be played with without family you have a sense of loneliness, your family is always there to fulfill a place when it is feeling empty so love and keep your family close to you.

In this profession family is of most important elements. Our profession specializes in family development and family and consumer resources. So we as human scientist need to understand family and the background of it in order to perform our duties accordingly. If we don’t have a keen sense of understanding then how can we as professionals serve families and support them and their needs.

My speciality is nutrition and to my knowledge “thinking about families” does not have that much of an importance value. I feel as though nutrition is more focused on food and nutrition programs, they help with healthy eating habits and try to prevent illness. Nutritionist help with medical and nutritional needs they also manage food health departments. Families don’t really tie into it unless maybe it is a family that’s deals with obesity or vise versa. It can even be a family that just wants to be healthy.

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