Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Essay on Writing

Essay on Writing

Writing is a way for someone to express oneself, relay information, or to answer a question. Some use writing to get away from reality by writing poetry, some write as their profession, and some write for shear enjoyment. And then there is me. I am writing for assignment, but yet I don’t really like the topic. This is the final type of writing: writing that is done for school purposes, whether it is a prompt, or just an essay. There is no correct way of writing, as long as the final copy turns out correct. Some believe that writing is a linear, left-to-right process. However, it does not necessarily happen that way. Sentences can be scratched out and inserted as the writer wishes. Truthfully, writing is actually more chaotic than it is structured. Scribble all over the paper, revisions, and side notes clutter the paper.

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Last year, in my Great Ideas class, I learned a lot, mainly from the essays that Ms. Young put up on the overhead for the class to read and learn from. However, I also believe that writing is acquired and learned through reading other writing. If there is one way that writing should not be taught, that would be only if a teacher forced students to write a certain way. Students should be able to have their own style. Actually, I don’t know if there really is a correct way writing should be taught, as long as that method is proven to have great results. Grammar and mechanics, on the other hand, are important and should be taught to students. Reading cannot pick up correct sentence structure without it being pointed out by the teacher. The complexity of some grammar and mechanics are too much for someone with no prior English background to pick up. Grades received on writing should not include as much mechanics as much as context and whether or not the author got his/her point across. . I would personally like to thank Ms. Young for teaching me all she did last year, especially by sitting down with me and going over my papers with me. She offered ideas to improve my writing, and was the first teacher to do so.

Writing has always naturally come to me. However, I have seen my skills compared to others not develop as much, almost like I am behind. In contrast, those whom I thought had an advantage on me last year took lesser grades than I. My writing could also be much better if I wrote it in advance and revised it. Unfortunately, I generally write essays the night before they are due, as I am doing now, and do just enough to get by. I hope to fix this habit this year, but this isn’t a real great start. Early on in my life, I would have said I wrote narratives best. Now, I would say I write persuasives best. I find my poorer attempts of essays are when I am given prompts or chosen topics. I despise district prompts, because I find myself short on support in my writing.

Writing is very important in maturing and progressing in school and life. Newspaper articles and magazines make you aware of what’s going on around you. Writing is also a way for those who are shy to express themselves, and it also allows people to get their opinion across who would otherwise not be able to do so. I personally enjoy writing, because society today has made it difficult for one to express himself, especially a male, to his peers. Writing is a way for me to share what I need without the harassment from others.

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