Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Essay on Evolution

Evolution Essay

From the slow moving process of evolution, to the sun that rises and sets each day, science has the foundation of our lives. It presents itself in such a manner that not many people realize the effects it has on the universe. Our world is continuously growing and morphing from scientific creations and advancements. For example, today, we can send people into space, rocketing out of Earth’s restraints at unbelievable speeds. Years ago, this task would have seemed impossible and certainly unrealistic. However, times have changed and many new doors of possibilities have been unlocked and opened. The subject of science permeates everything we do, generating ideas and positive changes for the future.

Many years ago, we were confined to land. Above and below us were almost forbidden territories. We lived with the world around us as strangers. Afterward, simple science advancements and a few brave people began to change the current standards. They pushed the limits and studied the figures and soon, ventured into the heavens above and deep seas below. Awareness of surrounding sciences affect how we learn and revolutionize. Science is always present, the new and the old, just waiting for someone to come along and challenge it. We would be glued in time, stuck in neutral, without discoveries and the simple question “why?”

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Convenience is science. Computers, cell phones, washing machines, and yes, even the beloved TV remote control, are all convenience items. The passing of time and realization of possibilities eventually form reality. For example, the idea of studying space came long before the first space shuttle was launched. Science can be slow moving and tedious, but beneficial and astonishing. Our past studies and skills have enabled us to see outside of the box. We are no longer restrained to the ground, to safe and solid Earth. Science can, and will, take us anywhere. The degree of impracticality or the number of hours spent brainstorming, can’t stop the future from developing in our hands.

If the movement of science has continued for so long, why stop here? We have an unending journey ahead and many paths to choose. Our present life and future years will depend on how we scientifically act now. We can use it to our advantage by searching for more opportunities and answers. Of course, we can also stop now, leaving things the way they are. However, as fine as some aspects of science may seem, room for improvement is always available. If we didn’t improve the science of today, we simply would not move forward in technology or in our lives.

Already, we are brewing innovative ideas. Many people underestimate science in their lives and aren’t grateful enough. The future is a gigantic question mark to scientists. However, we never stop thinking. As for now, we bounce around with the proposals of antimatter and virtual evolution. We are opening our minds to extreme suggestions and no longer do we travel up or down, but to another galaxy and back.

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