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Essay on Personality Theories

Essay on Personality Theories

Two personality theories which triggered insights about a part of my personality are the biological and evolutionary approach and the humanistic approach. I believe that people inherit traits from their ancestors because I have a lot of the same characteristics my mother and father have. Granted I did not inherit all of the same traits, but having many in common, and then being raised in the way my parents saw best, made me become similar to them. I believe the environment plays a large role in how a person develops but I think genetics are more prevalent because my parents were raised in a completely different way than I was, yet we are the same in numerous ways. The person I am today is mainly because the way my parents brought me up and I think if I did not have the same parents that I would have turned out differently. So I think it is a combination of genetics and environment because your genes can only take you so far.

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The other theory I can relate with is the humanistic approach. Carl Rogers describes an unconditional positive regard, which is supporting someone without question and positively reinforcing them. I agree with him that this will help people grow and develop because when there is someone there who does not question your feelings or thoughts and accepts you for who you are, you feel a lot more confident. I know if I fail at something or feel down, I can turn to my friends and family, because they love me unconditionally, no matter what may happen. Knowing this gives me a higher self esteem and lets me know that it is okay if I mess up because when I have to turn around and start over, I will have people there to help me. I can learn from my mistakes and not become depressed because things did not go my way, but rather learn from past experiences and grow as a person. Another aspect of the humanistic approach that I agree with is self-actualization. This is "a state of self-fulfillment in which people realize their highest potential." I can relate to this because I am on my way to self-actualization, in the sense that I accept myself and know what I am capable of. I am definitely not at a complete stage of self-actualization because there are still things I do not know about myself, but I think I do know the basics and what makes me happy. I think when someone finally realizes what they can be and achieve that, it will be the time he or she is truly happy.

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