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Immigration Control Essay

Essay on Immigration Control

At our age, some of us have jobs. We use these jobs to pay for gas, clothes and many other things that we want. When we get our paychecks from these jobs, the government takes taxes out of it, which allows us to support our economy and our country. But what happens when an undocumented person receives his/her paycheck? After all, the term undocumented does mean that the person has no records in this country and essentially does not exist. There is no way for taxes to be removed from the paycheck. People south of the US border come north for a multitude of reasons, many of which will cause the immigrant to risk his/her life for the chance to be on American soil. There is no way to keep immigrants from coming across the border, no matter how many restrictions and how much security is set along the US/Mexico border. As long as there is not a fence, which there never will be, along the border- there will be a way in. The problem cannot be stopped; it can be contained or prevented, but never completely annihilated. Senator John Cornyn of Arizona has proposed a guest-worker program that will allow undocumented immigrants to come out of the shadows and work for their residency. This program should be enforced as soon as possible.

The United Nations Population Division determined that Northern America gains 1,394 people a year with a net migration rate of 4.6. It also stated that Latin America and the Caribbean loose 1,311 people a year with a net migration rate of –1.0, in an essay written for the UN Chronicle. Russell Taylor, a writer for the UN Chronicle found that 41 million forgein-born people live in North America through the records in the UN. Mexican Forgein Minister Ernesto Derbez discovered that “migration is happening everyday, and it is happening by the thousands.” He was quoted in San Antonio Express-News.

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Everyday, Latinos risk their lives try to cross our border. In mid-May last year, nineteen Mexicans were found dead in the back of an airtight truck. Sometime in early June, it was reported that two Latinos climbed into a cargo train that went to Dallas, Texas. After they got in, more cargo was added on top of them. They were smashed by the weight. There have been many reports of people trying to cross the Rio Grande but are swept away by the strong currents. They drown and float for days before they float to shore. This is why the border is being called the “Tomb of the Unknowns” according to Hernan Rozemberg, a writer for San Antonio Express-News. Neither side of the border is able to claim the people because no one knows who they are.

Some risk their lives on their own, but many others use the more reliable smuggling rings that specialize in bringing people and other illegal goods across the border. It is not cheap though; where one person could cost easily up to two thousand dollars. San Antonio Express-News says that in the past two years, statistics from Border Patrol’s McAllen and Laredo sectors have shown that there has been 419 trucks caught carrying 5,522 people. This is still not enough to scare away the illegal immigrants. It is true that tighter security could be doing something but think of what Joe Berra, director of Immigrants Rights Program, has to say in San Antonio Express-News. He says, “Undocumented immigration hasn’t been deterred. It has been driven into the hands of criminal coyotes, who have actually gained the most out of the tightened US border policy.” This means that the tighter the restrictions, the more immigrants think they can rely on smugglers.

There are many reasons why a Latino would want to come to America and work. There is always the hope for a better life for a family. People risk their lives to try to reach the American border to get a job and have a dramatic change between the two dollars a day most are living on opposed to the fifty dollars a day which is received by a worker in America at minimum wage. Oppression and corrupt governments are still in Latin American countries. The most prominent reason is that we share a border with Mexico. It would be easy to come and work illegally and funnel the money back to families that still live in Mexico.

The millions of undocumented immigrants that go to work every day are hurting the economies of the American Southwest. Millions of immigrants that have come legally and illegally have almost no desire to learn English. They go about their work and send the money home. As Patrick Buchanan put it in his work, The Death of the West, “America is not there home; Mexico is; and they wish to remain proud Mexicans. They have come here to work. Rather than assimilate, they create Little Tijuanas in US cites.” This is a major problem. The guest-worker program would force the immigrants to make America their place of residency. Taxes will be taken out of paychecks and they can do what they want with the rest of the money they earn, but they must remember that they are Americans.

I understand that the guest-worker program does not entirely support National Security, which is why the three-year limit in Cornyn’s proposed plan should be reduced to one and a half to two years. This means that under the “blue-card” they receive as guest-workers, they only have a short amount of time before they must gain residency and/or leave the country after taxes from their paychecks are taken and the economy supported. Cornyn says, “My proposal would encourage undocumented immigrants to come out of the shadows and work with the law, and then return to their families with the pay and skills they receive.” He was quoted in San Antonio Express-News.

This may create a “border-rush”; the Latinos could come in as quickly as they can and become a member of the guest–worker program. This may happen and it may not; but it is almost guaranteed in the arguments of the opposing side. This side presents an amnesty program that would allow the three million undocumented gain residency very quickly. Once the people south hear this, almost every person who was thinking of crossing the border as soon as they could. This would make the numbers of people wanting amnesty double or triple. That could mean would be nine million Latinos looking for an easy way into the country. The guest-worker program is the most reasonable and effective way to address the immigration problem.

When an undocumented person tries to enter our country, they do not think of its effect on our lives. They only think of what they can do for themselves. They risk their lives and the lives of those around them to breathe American air. They take what they can but do not think of what it is doing to our country. They take cheap-paying jobs and work hard to make a better life for themselves without thinking of the country they are robbing. The guest-worker program proposed by Senator John Cornyn of Arizona is the best way to make a compromise and presents a solution that does not equal more deaths for both sides of the border.

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