Thursday, March 4, 2010

Essay: How Beneficial is Work Experience?

How Beneficial is Work Experience Essay

Every year pupils of year 10 leave school for two weeks to experience working in an adult environment. There are different views on the benefits and disadvantages of these two weeks.

There are advantages for the students as they learn to make conversation with adults and learn basic skills. Students are also given freedom which is not found in a school environment, and they may be given tasks which include leaving the premises.

This is also a chance for students to meet new people outside of school. By the end of the two weeks, many students find they have made new friends with different interests and lives to their other friends.

Work expereince however can also be viewed as unbeneificial. The student wont be given jobs of the particular career as they do not have they qualities such as a degree to perform it, instead they will be given 'small jobs' such as cleaning shelves and making drinks for the staff; jobs that do not give a good insight into the career.

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Work experience can in some cases be a burden for the employer, and in others be extremely useful. The employer will either benefit from the student doing the 'small jobs' that the other staff are not paid for, or have a limited amount of jobs available that the wtudent is capable of carrying out.

Work experience holds both benefits and burdens. My view is that nothing is perfect and most good things always have their burdens, and that work experience has proved to be a beneficial and enjoyable experience to the majority of students.

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