Monday, March 8, 2010

Online Education Essay

Essay on Online Education

Although for half a year the Internet had been undergoing bise and cold rain, which tumbling itself down from the altar, no one would deny that the Internet is still the trend of the future. On this condition, the traditional industry contact intimately with network one after another, so does the educational industry.

In economics point of view, demand is the only drive of development. Along with Chinese opening up policy, the conception, which education determines future, goes deeply into peopleбпs heart, with a result of more and more educational investment. With the development of society, the competition is increasing fiercely. Many parents will never scant money when investing in next generationбпs education so that their children can have a better future. In this way the education cake is really so big that a very tiny part of it can fill website's stomach. That is no wonder why the sharp-nosed trader scramble for it.

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A wonderful expectation does not guarantee a perfect reality. The way to our dream is usually filled with thorns, therefore educational website must stride forward three thresholds. First, diploma issued by universities is far better than that given by online education institute. So you will meet with many trouble without authoritative diploma. Secondly, Traditional educational system has been developed perfectly till now. Then if educational website do not make great efforts to curricula setting, teaching quality and schoolwork management, it will be difficult for them to get a cup of thick soup from the delicious education meal. Also the technology of whole network distinguishes greatly. There is no doubt that bandwidth of domestic network is not as adequate as to transmit multimedia courseware, never to say the real long distance education.

Surely online education inaugurates a span-new study method, but it still has a long way to go.

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