Friday, January 14, 2011

Animal Testing Argumentative Essay

Research Essay on Animal Lab Testing

People all over the world have different opinions on whether animal lab testing is a sufficient way to test products. Well, the fact is animal lab testing does not harm animals nor does it humans. This happens because animals in laboratories are not in pain. The animals’ rights are not harmed during the testing. Lastly, the numbers are decreasing for animal research. All of these reasons are supporting why animal lab testing is a decent way to test products.

To begin with, animals in testing and research are strictly controlled to any pain the animal may have. According to, the Public Heath Service Act, Federal laws, and Animal Welfare act controls the removal of pain.” Moreover, each institution must make an animal care and use committee that involves a veterinarian and an outside member of the public to make sure that the testing is moving smoothly. This committee inspects the every move of the scientists in the laboratories the help ensure the animals are in good care. The scientists advocate the highest amount of animal care for two main reasons. First, according to, “the use of animal research is a privilege and those animals that are helping us to find the cures for the diseases deserve our respect and the best possible care.” In addition, “second, a well- treated animal will provide more reliable results.” This is the main goal for all researchers. can write a Custom Argumentative Essay for You!

Next, while testing on animals in laboratories, animals’ rights are still protected. The use of animal research is a privilege so animal must be protected and not abused. Nearly every major advance in medicine of the 20th century has depended largely on research with animals. According to, “research in animals will hopefully someday help scientists find the cure for diseases like Alzheimer’s, AIDS, and cancer”. Animals are also good for researching because in the past humans have been under the study. This is also why animals are good to test on.

Finally, the number of animals under study has decreased in the past 20-25 years. The highest results for the reduction of animal research ranges from 20% - 50%. This decline in study is surprisingly striking when comparing species together. For example, the best government estimates say that the number of cats used in research has dropped 66% since 1967. This is a great number to scientists everywhere. This also means that even though animals are still being tested, not as many are since this all started. Therefore, it is equal for people who do want animal testing and people who do not because it is right in the middle.

In conclusion, animal testing is the right way to test products. The fact is animal testing somewhat effects animal but it does not effect humans. In addition, animals under the study and research in laboratories are not in pain. Next, the animals’ rights are not harmed when in examination. Lastly, the number of animals during exploration has decreased a huge amount since it started. Animal laboratory testing is the right circumstance to test products to cure diseases for all living things on Earth.

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