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Essay on Assertiveness

Essay on Assertiveness

I am so very thankful that I registered for this course because I have learned such a priceless amount of knowledge ranging everywhere from resolving.

Conflict, keeping calm, centering and relaxation responses to the therapeutic powers of the act of writing. All of us, as human beings and as citizens of a free country, have certain inalienable rights- from those guaranteed by law, such as freedom of speech and the right to a due process of laws, to the more subtle rights to stand up for our views or to act in our own best interest. In our everyday life, we are often confronted with situations that violate, or at least threaten, some of our rights.

Assertiveness is standing up for my own rights without infringing upon the rights of others. It is self-enhancing, generating positive feelings toward myself and others, and it leads to smooth interpersonal relationships. Personally speaking, being an individual in desperate need of assertiveness training, I am quite aware of the ramifications of non-assertive consequences. The inability to experience adequate assertiveness training skills prior to learning this course, I have experienced regret, guilt, sorrow, indecisiveness, in situations that did not call for such reactions. I found myself being victimized, manipulated into circumstances that if I had used the assertive techniques of standing firm in my responses, following my own inner intuition, the end result would have been that I would be a healthier, happier person.

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I found a great amount of personal achievement and satisfaction when we practiced our assertive techniques by role-playing various situations. It completely empowered me with the awareness that the shy, quiet, non-assertive behavior that I had become accustomed to was definitely ready to be terminated. I am now in the process of actively implementing and restructuring my attitude, correcting my ‘Old Habits’ of always giving up my rights, saying yes, (WHEN I MEAN NO!) , and giving up those negative self-defeating behaviors that prevent me from asserting my very own interpersonal rights.

I found this course to be extremely rewarding because it offered immediate relief to responding accurately, efficiently toward various changing circumstances. I discovered that I should not have to feel guilty if I feel that my rights, decisions, and opinions are being infringed upon because without learning the assertive techniques I many times find myself getting taken advantage of.

I particularly appreciate the positive reinforcement that it was perfectly normal to implement the various assertive skills necessary during conversation and communication.

By using the responsible behaviors as recommended in negative assertion, or agreeing to disagree, or perhaps, staying centered, calm, and relaxing during a confrontational circumstance, I have learned to find a workable compromise and resolve the conflict. I also discovered that by tentatively accepting constructive criticism with negative inquiry, I am capable of remaining calm, I avoid being defensive, and I avoid being manipulated by improving the communication. “

Perhaps, I am , working too hard, maybe, I might follow your suggestion and change the time schedule, by restructuring my routine.” The Book that I particularly enjoyed and discovered by studying this class was a new and updated edition of the classic self-understanding through journal writing. It has completely change my life (this past week) because I never heard about journal writing until I attended the assertiveness course. The author, Christina Baldwin, provides excerpts from her own personal journal entries that encourages the reader to build confidence in their own individuality and acquire self –knowledge without having to seek constant approval from others. She is the author of Life’s Companion: Journal Writing as a Spiritual Quest.

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