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Essay on Israel

Essay on Israel

Since the creation of Israel in 1948, the United States has supported it financially with over 80 billion dollars in aid. American foreign policy towards Israel has been to maintain Israel’s superiority in the Middle East through military and financial aid. America’s uncritical and steadfast support of Israel is hypocritical when trying to establish peace; it has brought instability and radical anti-American hatred to the region and been a major cause of conflict. The United States has to reevaluate its policy toward Israel in order to pursue a fair and just solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

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The Palestinian- Israeli conflict is a complicated issue and requires a just mediator in order for a lasting peace to take root. In clearly choosing sides, the United States has lost that crucial impartiality it needs for the proposed “road map” to peace to become effective. As the saying goes, “It takes two to tango”, and the Unites States along with the international community as a whole recognizes Israel’s role in perpetuating the conflict with the Palestinians. America’s support of Israel is then viewed by the world as support of Israeli actions against Palestinians. When America strongly supports one side in a conflict, it cannot make a credible call for peace.

Currently, Israel stands in violation of 66 United Nations resolutions and openly violates international law if their claims of possessing a nuclear weapon are true.

Israel continues to build Israeli settlements in occupied Palestinian territories and demolish Palestinian homes. Israel treats Palestinians as third-class citizens by establishing curfews and checkpoints for them; because of these discriminatory practices, thousands of Palestinians have lost their jobs and unemployment rates remain around 50 percent. Without jobs to support them, 60 percent of Palestinians live in poverty and 15 percent are malnourished. As Israel continues to violate international laws and oppress the Palestinian people, the United States continues to fully fund and support them.

Israel’s actions are in direct opposition to American principles, yet we have rarely verbally denounced Israel’s actions and have never threatened financial consequences. In fact, when the Israeli cabinet voted to possibly “remove” Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat, the entire world was outraged. When the UN Security Council voted to condemn the statement, the United States was the only nation opposed and vetoed the resolution. How can the United States seek peace and an end to terrorism around the world when it firmly and openly supports a government which oppresses and discriminates against a people in horrible and inhumane ways?

America’s unwavering and uncritical support of Israel must be reevaluated. Clearly, any objectives the United States had in supporting Israel have failed. The only effect the United States has had on the region is to cultivate a new generation of anti-American hatred and terrorism.

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