Thursday, January 13, 2011

Argumentative Essay on Genetic Engineering

Argumentative Essay on Genetic Engineering

In a world where the land mass cannot be modified to accommodate more, increasing population and more people demanding more food for less money it may be difficult for some to understand why biotechnology is considered to be something that will destroy the earth. It is a very controversial topic that is growing in interest to all with pros and cons that both sides must acknowledge.

Genetic engineering is scientifically changing foods by altering the foods genetic code. Food is so essential and basic to life and survival. We view food as wholesome pure, and safe. We need to ask ourselves that is the use of biotechnology going to change our perception of food? can write a Custom Argumentative Essay for You!

There are many factors that we need to take in consideration before giving our conclusion about the issue. In my opinion, genetically engineering will be a good way to increase our crop production. It will be beneficial for the farmers because they would be able to produce crops much faster which will help the economy. It is also good because scientists can pick and choose the crops with the desired characteristics such as, pest and disease resistance, improve nutritional value, good quality and survivability in harsh conditions.

On the other hand there are factors which show that GM foods can be dangerous. First of all, altering the genes of food materials can cause environmental disturbance which can upset people. People who are vegetarians would not want to eat a vegetable that contains an animal gene. With GM food, scientists are adding genes from some organisms that we do not eat which could spark unknown allergies. I think that if GM foods are properly labeled it would be easier for consumers to trace back allergies and it will provide them the information they want.

In my opinion, this is more than just a scientific issue because to me it sounds like an interference with the work of nature and creation. The environment I believe is at serious risk, more so when scientists take out genes from animals. They are living, breathing things with a mind, instincts, and impulses. This is mind boggling because no one really knows what will happen to something that’s modified and given new characteristics it is not used to. The environment had withstood a lot but nothing to the degree of changing the genetic make up of a species that have existed for years.

We cannot say if genetically modified foods are dangerous for our health without experimentation. It would take time to actually see the effects of genetically modified foods.

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