Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Persuasive Essay on Stem Cell Research

Adolph Hitler would have been a strong supporter of Stem Cell Research. After all, his stances were always towards “creating a master race” and “ethnic cleansing.” The only difference with the way he did it was that Hitler decided to kill off anybody that didn’t meet the requirements. With genetic engineering, anyone could join the ride. All they would need is enough money to buy a ticket and a complete disrespect for nature and our very own humanity.

Given the history of humankind, once genetic engineering is made possible through stem cell research, it will spell the beginning of a very dark chapter for mankind. It is impossible to predict what kind of unthinkable things will be carried out once this nightmare of genetic engineering is made a reality: Endless cloned armies marching into battle with no concept of fear or masses of people genetically-altered to meet someone else’s idea of human perfection. Or even the bleak future which George J. Annas foresees in his book “Genism, Racism, and the Prospect of Genetic Genocide,” can write a Custom Persuasive Essay for You!

" … it is extremely unlikely that we will see the post-humans
as equal in rights and dignity to us, or that they will see us
as equals. Instead, it is most likely either that we will see
them as a threat to us, and thus seek to imprison or simply
kill them before they kill us."

History has shown us the consequences of ordering people as superior and inferior. Genetic Engineering is a world that human nature cannot be trusted with, just as it should not be trusted with nuclear weapons.

Humans are not big SUVs that come with additional accessories, special modifications, undercoating, and a moonroof for a little extra. Humans are a beautiful expression of life and nature that are to be loved and respected. Altering human beings in this kind of way devalues our race to the level of a polo shirt sitting on the rack at the Gap or a boat for sale in the back of the San Francisco Chronicle. It turns people into manufactured artifacts. As Brent Blackwelder, President of Friends of the Earth, puts it, “[Genetic Engineering] brings to an end the human species that evolved over the millennia through natural evolution, and sets us on a new, uncontrollable trajectory of manipulation, design and control.”

The main argument in support of Stem Cell Research is that it will lead to cures of many different diseases, saving countless lives. However, Stem Cell Research has yet to show any concrete proof for any of these claims. How many potential human lives will be irresponsibly and thoughtlessly destroyed before any progress is reached? Pervasive commercialization and extraordinary claims by researchers and their funding agencies are the ones leading this cause. They sit on their soapbox and yell out all these empty promises that sound almost too good to be true to anyone within earshot. Yet, people need to examine the issue deeper and uncover the foul and gloomy outcome on the horizon. Gina Maranto, author of Quest for Perfection: The Drive to Breed Better Human Beings summed up the answer very well in saying, “Humans have long since possessed the tools for crafting a better world. Where love, compassion, altruism and justice have failed, genetic manipulation will not succeed." It is not in freak cyborgs and cloned mutants that we will make progress in this world. It will be found in the cultivation of our love for each other. We must eliminate hate and the need for war and embrace each other and all of our imperfections. People will die from disease, it is only natural. If we do not let nature run her course, there’s no telling where our society and our planet could end up.

In conclusion, mankind is not ready for stem cell research. David King, Editor of GeneEthics News, said, “The world is not a safe enough place to let this particular genie out of its bottle, and it would be irresponsible in the extreme to do so." If stem cell research made genetic engineering possible, we would be looking at a world none of us would care to live in. People have done some very despicable things when given a taste of power, and genetic engineering would give man the ultimate power, the power of God.

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