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Persuasive Essay on Video Games

Persuasive Essay on Video Games

Video games have been increasing in their popularity since they first came out in the early seventies. In fact, they had grown to be the preferred childhood activity at the end of the decade, and quickly became a favorite activity around the world (Cesarone, 1999). From its humble beginnings to now, it has evolved into a multi-billion dollar industry and it shows no sign of slowing down. However, this growth, or rather, this plague on society has brought many vices to a more prominent position in our society. The vilest blemishes these perverse forms of entertainment have infected our society with are increased urges for violence and sex.

Violence, as well as sex, has been a trend in our society since the very origins of man. Both instincts used to govern our lives before the emergence of more civilized societies in which we began to suppress these hateful urges. Unfortunately, all of the efforts of our forefathers are currently being mocked and simultaneously destroyed by the unwelcome intrusion of video games in our homes. They unerringly corrupt the young and old of our society with much fallibility.

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The fact is that these games are made solely for corrupting us. Violence is emphasized in video games as an entertaining and socially acceptable reaction to situations that may arise (Januschewski, 1999). In fact, 89% of the top-selling video games contain a substantial amount of violence (Fair Play, 2002). Even more astonishing, and disturbing, is that in every single one of these games violence is rewarded with points and/or items that further the gamers quest towards an even more corruptive and diabolic goal (Cesarone, 1999). This form of influence cannot be tolerated any further and must be stopped.

Sex is also blatantly displayed in many prominent games. This accounts for not only the explicit emphasis as sex as something that should be done in order to be considered 'cool' (Fair Play, 2002). The horrid stereotyping of women as scantily clad, easily frightened people is also unfairly represented in most video games (Fair Play, 2002). Also, with such titles as "Panty Raiders," "Strip Poker," and "BMX XXX," the last of which is on the controversially named 'X Box,' how can one ignore these horrendous blows to the limits we have placed on our society (PC Gamer 27).

Honest, hard-working politicians and critics have been doing all that they can to stop these satanic forms of entertainment, and they have been fighting against a tsunami of brainwashed youngsters who believe that games are made under the rights of freedom of speech. Not to bash freedom of speech, but that is no excuse for the awful content in many of these games. Take this quote concerning a 'game' that has caused much controversy: "I'm for freedom of speech but… Grand Theft Auto [III] is heinous. The people who put it together should be stone in the street." This, from Washington Post columnist Mike Wilborn, reflects the undoubtable detrimentally that is presented by these games (PC Gamer 27). Without people like him to stand against this infection of society, we would have already become a culture of savages bent on killing and fornication.

But fret no longer about the safety of your children and your family. They will no longer have to cower in fear, afraid for their lives every time they walk into school or take a stroll in the park. No longer will leaving the house be a risk of their lives. No longer must we see sorrowful tales of teen violence displayed on the news night after night after night. We shall have polite, well mannered, and socially acceptable young men and women who can guide our country in the future, a future filled with peace and prosperity. We shall be a society of non-violent, tactful people who live solely for the greater good of that society. There will be no more sadness, no more anger, no more fear. We shall achieve the ultimate goal. We shall become a society of peace.

We shall ban all forms of gaming entertainment. We shall wipe away all of the corruption it has on our society with one smooth blow. But why stop there? Are their not movies that insight the same emotions as the damnable video games? Can it be said that literature has never caused hate between individuals? Do not paintings impose us with emotions that only serve to break our spirits? With that said, I propose that not only do we ban the baneful video games, but also every type pernicious self-expression we have come to rely upon like a druggie on a fix.

If this plan is followed, there will be no more emotions that allow our communities to fester in futility. Without all of the unnecessary emotions that run rampart throughout the masses will be eliminated. We will outlaw all of the corruptive materials found throughout the world and eliminate all of the lone sharks that will betray us with falsifications and deceptions if they are not stopped. We can burn every destructive piece of written material on the planet, excepting those that can enlighten and further the good of the people as a whole. Music recordings will be catapulted into space along with the space program, which will not only evict the cult like groups formed by musicians. It will also free up billions of dollars that can be spent on more pressing matters, such as the elimination of insurrectionists and rebels who try to debase the perfection of the new order. Art, in its disturbingly many forms, will be sunk to the bottom of the ocean, where it can be appreciated by those who choose to join Satan in his home.

This solution is the perfect solution to the problems we are facing today. Our perverted obsessions with sex and violence can finally be expunged from the arteries of society and we can become one community filled with peace. The inflictions caused by the debilitating domination of self-expression will be healed at last. If we succeed, we will have actualized the ideal society. We will achieve nirvana on Earth.

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