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Narrative Essay on Racial Prejudice

Race Prejudice Essay

Today most people think that racial prejudice does not affect them. Most people believe that they are very accepting of other cultures and give everyone a chance. However it is surprising how subtle yet prevalent the effects of racial prejudice are on modern society.

During the 18th and early 19th centuries, racial prejudice was rife against black people. The most well known incidences are against African people who were first brought to America as slaves. Because they were slaves they were treated with much contempt and continually discriminated against, suffering the most inhumane atrocities. can write a Custom Narrative Essay for You!

Not only did African people suffer such prejudices but also the Aborigines people when the English came to Australia. They were treated with much the same contempt and also suffered they loss of there home being taken away from them, just because they were not the same nationality as the English people.

Much prejudice was also shown to the Chinese people during the gold rush in Australia also. They were excluded from social activities, were not lowed to be employed and were given minimal privileges within the gold mines. These people were also the victims of racial prejudice.

There were countless more incidences worldwide and there still are of racial prejudice. It is an attitude that has been instilled into human kind and is continually manifested in modern society. And when this attitude rears its ugly head, it has disastrous effects, usually causing many deaths and an ongoing battles to prove which race is superior. When in fact there is no superior race, only people.

The most well known conquest to find the most superior race would have to be Adolf Hitler's efforts during the second world war. Filled with racial prejudice he was determined that the German people were more superior than any other race in Germany and he made it his goal to eradicate all those who were not of German background or did not hold the same beliefs as himself. Yet his efforts were in vain as he would never be able to prove such theory, because all people are equal.

Today racial prejudice is not so blatant as it used to be, due to many people realizing that all people are equal and there is no need to exclude those that are not of the same race. Yet there are many ways in which racial prejudice proves to still be common today.

Firstly there is language. The English language gives a wide scope for so called nicknames to be used when naming other nationalities of people. While these particular nicknames can be used in good fun, to most it is actually quite offensive. The English language also gives way to many racially oriented jokes. Not only can they be highly offensive but encourage racial prejudice among even the most open-minded people.

Secondly there is ignorance. People in society prefer to ignore the fact that they are racially prejudice toward other races, sticking to the belief that if it is ignored then it doesn’t exist and that they can’t be expected to like everyone. Thus most people carry on about their daily business always making conscience choices to avoid facing the issue of racial prejudice.

Today there is much division in society. There are gangs and social clubs which directly exclude certain races. Once a remark is made it can allow for a retaliation on the other races part. This situation can be seen in Perth between certain gangs of different races, who end up fighting and killing one another because of one racist remark.

Most parents today still hold racial attitudes that were instilled into them as children. While modern society is struggling to eradicate racial prejudice, it can be found that racial prejudice is being passed on from parents to their children. Thus the continuation of an ongoing cycle that is hard to break. Children with the negative beliefs of other races pass these onto their peers within the classroom. Creating grounds for bullying and segregation amongst children.

Obviously the effects of racial prejudice on modern society is quite damaging and has a negative effect on society, causing all sorts of problems. Yet just as it is impossible to enforce world peace, it is the same with racial prejudice. It is unstoppable yet every effort should be made to keep it as slight as possible, because all people have the right to be free from racial prejudice.

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