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Compare and Contrast Essay on Sports

Compare and Contrast Essay on Sports

I am going to do my comparison between the network of ESPN and ESPN’s website. Both of these types of media are things that I use, and use quite often. For sports lovers’ around, these medias supply the true answers to get all the days’ sports and highlights.

The sports station called ESPN (Entertainment Sports Production Network) is a channel that provides views with the day’s view of sports. The network contains many different programs and many different sporting events throughout the day. The typical highlight show, called Sportscenter, is run everyday up to 8 times a day and most of the night long. This is where the bulk of sports lovers’ go to, to get the days scores, updates and highlights. Throughout a day, one can see many commercials, not only attractive to supporting upcoming events, but also to promote the station itself, like Sportscenter. Most of the commercials that they run actually involve athletes whom either support a product for some company or show the media what sporting event is coming up in the next couple of days. The graphics are beyond belief, because half of the day on the channel is live television, so its graphics are great. But even those shows that are not live, the graphics are very appealing to the viewer which helps gain interest and keep them watching. What the network does best is that they broadcast a wide variety of sports. can write a Custom Compare and Contrast Essay for You!

You may think that a station may only show like basketball or something, but they do everything. They can do this by earning the respect of team administrators and advisors, by sending anchors and analysist's places, which in return allow the station the view the event live. They get out and get the job done, that’s why they succeed in showing a variety of sports. They suit the needs of all sports lovers’, making ESPN a growing network obtaining more and more viewers.

So, you may be thinking how awesome it is for men and women who love sports to have a channel like this, but is there more to it? Well, the answer is yes. ESPN also has a website which is at This website complies very well to its’ station on the television. But, they are not one in another they have many differences, but the same overall point. The website is mostly considered a more convenient form than that of the televised channel. This is because, with the website, you can access all the days’ sports in a matter of minutes. For instance, if you only have a few minutes before you have to be somewhere, and you are checking up on a specific team or a specific game, the website has up-to-the-minute stats for all sports. You just find the sport of game you’re looking for, click the tab, and the score will appear, now that’s awesome.

Now, you may think that since it’s a website, you can’t get actual games on it. Well, you’re wrong, because you can. Certain games will be able to be seen through a video-stream on the website, which is an added bonus so to say for some people who don’t get cable or those you only get regular television stations. You can also email the company about anything you need help with, or something that you just may want to know. You can also talk live to broadcasters and sometimes players through online chat, a recently added feature to the website. What the website does good is they provide the very latest news stories and scores so that the active viewer can make a couple of clicks and get want they want. They can do this because of the technology that has become of today’s age, and all of the reporters that go out, get the stories, and just relay (if not type it themselves) the information back to the main station, allowing for quick responses and additions. A busy person who loves sports most likely will turn toward the website before the telecasts.

Now that we know the background of the two, let’s get into a little more depth. First of all, the online version has way more information to give out and goes into greater depth. They can do this because they aren’t stuck down to a time limit so to say. The program has to fit its shows and events into time frames, while the website can just have tabs with sub-tabs and so on with much more information for the viewer. So you could say that the website also supplies more content. The viewer has way more access to all the different types of sports, providing more content for those viewers. Certain areas to pertain better to the two forms of media though, for example: Live events are better suited for the television network while plain old up-to-date stats and scores are better suited for the website. You can probably guess some of the others to, but that was just an example of each.

According to Jakob Nielsen’s “Top Ten Mistakes in Web Designs”, this site fits the criteria, or doesn’t fit it very well. I say this, because after reading through the mistakes, then looking at the website, I really saw no problems. Now, the part on taking more than 15 seconds for a page to appear did happen, but I think that is more due to my computer, not due to their website. They even use the colored links, to help those know where they have already been, which is a smart thing to do. Also, it gives certain tabs to relate to the different sports available. By doing this, is saves the viewer time. They can just click on a tab, instead of having to click through 5 or 6 screens. In my opinion, they did a fantastic job when they created this site, plus they continue making updates, also a good thing for the viewer.

Well, since I have used both medias in my life, I would have to say that I prefer the television media better. I prefer it because it’s easier for me. I turn on the television and just start watching whatever is on. They show sportscenter like 3 times in a row, so if I miss something, I can catch it next time through. Plus, being the sports fanatic that I am, I love almost every live event that is on. So I tend to use the television version of ESPN a lot more than the website version. Also, on the television network, they have had a few series of shows, like movies. The newest of them is called “Playmakers”, which is about a football team and everyday life surrounding it, such as drugs, sex, and lying. It is really cool and something that I hope they continue to have. It’s always good to have a change or an addition every now and then; at least that’s what I think. So, if someone asked me my opinion, on which media to use, I would tell them the television media, because that’s the one that I prefer.

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