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Essay on Moulin Rouge

Essay on Moulin Rouge

Love creates so many problems, and still it creates so much joy and happiness. If you can’t see this in everyday life, it is nicely illustrated by the movie Moulin Rouge. This film is the Australian director Baz Luhrmann’s depiction of the trials and tribulations that befall a love struck penniless writer and a struggling dancing girl. So much work went into this film to embellish and exaggerate the glamour and opportunity of Paris at the turn of the century, and we wonder if there ever was a place like Moulin Rouge.

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We see the life and thrills of Satine (Nicole Kidman) as she puts on a show for a large crowd and shines like a diamond. We also see the hard times that Christian (Ewan McGregor) experiences as a poor playwright that is obsessed with love.

Christian is a victim of love at first sight when he sees Satine, and she quickly falls in love with him, posing as a professional play writer that is suddenly responsible for writing a play that will make the Moulin Rouge a lot of money. The only drawback is that Satine is promised to the Duke of Worcester (Richard Roxburgh), who is a major investor needed for funding of the Moulin Rouge. So there are two men after one girl, who is secretly dying from a bad case of tuberculosis.

There is much conspiracy and manipulation going on behind the scenes as Christian, Satine and their crew of actors work and strive to develop a show that will shock the hearts of the audience of Moulin Rouge. All is well and things are going great for the two young lovers, but the Duke begins to suspect that something is going on, and then he sees that the play being written is representative of the real situation that he and the Moulin Rouge are living out in real life. The plot thickens and evil and resentment are revealed through the Duke.

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