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Essay on Florida

Essay on Florida

When I was 11 years old, I went to Florida in the summer. The reason I went to Florida was my baseball team won state so we had the opportunity to go to Orlando to play in the A.A.U. Nationals. We played all of our games at Disney’s Wide World of Sports. If our team would have done a little better, I probably would have made the All-tournament team. My batting percentage was very high. We had passes that let us into Wide World of Sports and we could watch the baseball games or other sports. It was cool because we got to watch girls our age play basketball.

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My family and friends all went to Disney World and Sea World. I thought Disney World was awesome. They have three main parks, Magic Kingdom, Epcot Center, and Disney’s MGM studios, and a ton of different water parks, golf coures,etc. The Magic Kingdom was just like Disneyland so that was nothing special, and the only thing cool at MGM was the Tower of Terror. It is probably the scariest ride I have ever been on. I thought Epcot was really cool because all the different countries they had. At Epcot, there aren’t any cool rides but it is just a cool place. Sea World wasn’t the funnest place mainly because it was raining. They have some neat displays. When it rains in Florida there is no such thing as sprinkle or light rain, it rains so hard that the rain hurts when it hits you. I kind of like it when it rains that hard though. I liked the weather in Florida because it’s all the hot and humid then the rain cools everything down. We also went to the beach and the water is warm but I like the California beaches better.

Florida was the greatest trip I have ever been on. We got to go to Disney World, Sea World, and the beach. Those places were awesome but I think this trip was fun because my friends were there with me. The coolest thing was we stayed at the coolest condos. There was a lake, which you could rent paddle boats at and take them around the lake. They also had three swimming pools. On the very first night, my teammates and I caught over 50 frogs. A employee made us stop, though, because there was an alligator roaming around in the area. All of these things are what made this the greatest trip ever!!!

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