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Essay on Gymnastics

Essay on Gymnastics

I was nine years old, and loved challenges, all kinds of them. I was very hyper as a child, naturally my mom had to do something with me. She put me in a gymnastics class (I thank her everyday for doing do) and from that day on I loved and still love gymnastics. I was a “natural,” and not afraid two things that got all the coaches attention. Four and a half years later I was still going to classes and competitions everyday. I even went to class when there was no class, my coached worked hard on me. Nationals happened every four years and I was ready than ever to go and do well. I had all of my routines on beam, floor, bars, and vault down pat, I knew every little head movement, arm placement and I knew them like the back of my hand. My coach signed me up; I was on my way to prove to everyone that I was no joke.

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The ride there was long and even longer, all I was thinking about were my routines and doing them like I did everyday, flawless. Finally we got to Disney, where they were having Nationals this year, I walk in, and the gym is huge. My coach and I find out that there are 14 states competing this year for the National championships. I am in level nine the second highest level in gymnastics, which makes my situation a little bit more stressful because of the limited amount of gymnast that can actually make it to this level. I stretch out and warm up on each event, my coach and I think I am ready to rest and gather my thoughts. I sat there and watched my peers do their tricks with ease and simplicity; I know that there is competition well worth my time to challenge them. And I am ready for the challenge, also excited about showing them what I can do.

Over the microphone, “Competitors, go to your first event, Good Luck!” Its time to do what I do best. My coach and I walk to my first event, bars, we met the judges and get ready. My group of gymnast had about 10 to 13 girls in it. We all warm up one more time, and get started, I am fifth in line. I know that bars are one of my strong events that I have good confidence on and great technique through out my whole routine. Finally, after watching the other gymnast whip thought their routines, I hear “Regine Hugel,” I stretch to the judges and mount the bars effortlessly, concentrating on every move and every trick I do, keeping my body tight and my toes pointed. From the low bar to the high bar, back to the low bar, and once again to the high bar, where its time to finish my routine with perfection. Everything went great, I wobbled a little on my landing, nothing I couldn’t shake off. All in all, I was happy about my routine, and so was my coach. Waiting for the score, we went through what was good and what was not to good, a 9.10 is shown, a great score that gave some of the other gymnast a scare, I could tell. A few girls came over and congratulated me on my score. Next event floor!

We marched over to our next event, and warmed up our tumbling and dance passes. I watched the others, I feel my tumbling is higher and I have extreme faith that I was going to shine on this event. We get ready to compete, I hear all the different kinds of music and watch the dance differences. Im up, I jump around to get the blood flowing, smile and stretch toward the judges, and get into my starting position. The music starts and I get to my dance, then my tumbling, which I did with ease, and before I know it, I'm on my last trick, I finish with a bang. People applause and some even stand to give there thanks, I smile knowing that I did what I expected to do with almost no effort, just love. My score comes up; I get a 9.20 so far so good. My coach is satisfied with my score, but still finds something to fix, or make better. I listen while we walk to my next event, which is beam.

The beam tends to be my week point. I don’t know if it’s the 4 inch beam in width, or the fact that I had to actually do flips on a piece of wood covered with a thin layer of leather. We all warm up and meet the judges. I’m the 8the gymnast to go so I have time to talk with my coach about what to concentrate and focus on. My name is called, I wipe the sweat form my hands and mount the beam. I start out great, but half way through the routine, I fall off, which is half a point, and I take a breath and regain my concentration. I hope up on the beam and start from where I left off. Finally, I’m done I know t this point that my score was not going to be to good. But I will survive. I get an 8.35, better than I thought, what could I do? We walk to our last and final event, my strongest event, vault.

I know I can beat every gymnast in this place if I do what I was taught and what I practice everyday of my life. It was time to redeem myself, after my spill on beam I had to score in the high 9’s to place in the all-around. On vault we get two trials each, the two scores are rounded to get the final score. I wait impatiently for my turn, I see the other gymnasts’ vaults, they are okay, but I know that mine is by far the top vault. My turn comes and I get ready to run down that runway and hit the board as hard as I can. I stretch and smile to the judges, knowing that I can top everyone’s score. I sprint down the runway and slam the board; I take a step on the landing. I talk to my coach and find out what I can so to improve. Back at the other end of the runway I stretch and run faster and hit the board harder than I can ever imagine. I stick the landing! I jumped for joy and relief. Pressure is off, and I am lit up smiling. I had this great feeling come over me like I was untouchable. I was, I got my all time personal best score, 9.5.

The awards finally came around; this is what I have been waiting for. My age group and level takes about an hour to come up but we finally got to it. I received 2nd place on bars, 5th place on beam, 3rd on floor, and 1st place on vault. All-around I placed 4th out of 14 states I placed 4th. I cried out of happiness, I reached my goal and I proved to myself and to other what I am all about.

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