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Essay on Puerto Rico

Essay on Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is the Ideal place for a vacation. It’s the perfect place, to relax and enjoy your stay. Puerto Rico has many different ways to keep you and your family busy, with its lovely scenery and Culture, to the beaches and different foods to eat, to the parties in San Juan, to the music, which has changed and stayed the same. All this makes Puerto Rico Worth your time; you’ll be learning way is that Puerto Rico is called the place of Paradise.

Visualize yourself touching the smooth surface of the beaches of Isla Verde, which with each step you take the sand flows through your feet. The wind blowing softly through you’re hair and feeling the cold air touching your skin. Think about how cold a Heineken will feel after you get out of the warm ocean. Think about how the rain and would come out of nowhere and wet you gently. Think about how it would feel if you pet a seacow for the first time.

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The food of Puerto Rico is something that people will die for here. The taste of rice and beans, with its different spices and recipes that people put into it, makes it a pure delight just even letting your tongue touch it. Try tasting a well-done “Monfongo” or even a “Pincho” which has bread and chicken pieces together on a stick and on the chicken it has BBQ sauce. Trying feasting on pig meat which is better than chicken.

Picture Waking up in the morning to the smell of coffee in the air as it awakes your soul. If your staying near a beach you can smell the ocean flowing through your nostrils. Food here bursts with aroma, which kicks your brain in gear for a well feast. Go to San Juan and you’ll smelling a lot of stuff cooking in the air because they are a lot of people preparing food on the street. These scents will make you feel happy and hungry all day long.

In Puerto Rico there are many different sounds to hear and listen too. The music here is vas and great. The music now is reggeton, which is kinda, like a Spanish rap with a hip-hop track, but this music either you love it or not it well make u start moving and dancing all night long. We also have the wildlife making their music, at night you’ll be able to hear the crickets and birds singing. The most beautiful sound come from water because its so peaceful hearing the rain drops falling and hitting the ground its make me want to take a well nap.

The site seeing in Puerto Rico is fantastic. We have many great places for exploring and seeing the great culture we have. Puerto Rico has a Capital, which is San Juan, and it’s a wonder park. Birds fly around and people walking and you get to see the way Puerto Rico was back in day. The beaches are so pretty that you can see how the waves breaks into the land and seeing it repeat itself over and over again. Lets not forgot the Women of Puerto Rico its the reason why people come to Puerto Rico they love the women here.

Puerto Rico climate is a warm tropical place, which sometimes has rain, but most of the time it’s just sunny all year around. Puerto Rico has many places in which you can relax. The springs we have are wonderful and it can heal your bruises and wounds. Just think about the warm spring water slowly going up your body and heating up your skin, while the other upper part of your body is still cold of the breeze passing by. This type of relaxation well help you forget about your everyday problems and also doing this can help you find your true inner-self. People should take a day off to visit the spring it’s a must do.

Just like you have read, Puerto Rico is truly a great place to visit. How can you not take some time to cool your body in the springs or enjoy the nightlife of San Juan or listen to the music and learn some of the language of the people. What about feasting upon pig meat and rice and beans. Puerto Rico has everything for the whole family. Hopefully reading this well help you decide were you want to go on your next vacation. Hope to see you soon.

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