Monday, April 4, 2011

Essay on Abstinence

Essay on Abstinence

A virtue that has dissipated in our society is abstinence. Our culture embraces loose morals and the results have been devastating. More and more teenagers are developing venereal diseases, such as AIDS, syphilis and gonorrhea, and are having unwanted children before they are married. Contrary to popular belief, condoms aren't a 100% guarantee of preventing pregnancy and disease, and therefore the rectitude of abstinence should be practiced.

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Many of today's youth desire to be in a loving relationship and feel the only way to express their feelings is through physical intimacy. Most realize the effects of sexual relations and deem that contraceptive devices can prevent undesired pregnancy and disease. According to recent studies, condoms only have an annual success rate of 85% in protecting against pregnancy. That means an overwhelming 15% of all condoms are flawed! Contraceptives may guard against certain sexually transmitted diseases, but the HIV virus is small enough to fit through microscopic holes present in condoms. Scientists recently conducted an experiment with married couples in which one of the partners had the HIV virus. The couples used condoms during sex, but within a year and a half 17% of the "clean" partners had conducted the virus. The only guaranteed safeguard against these unwelcome diseases and pregnancies is abstinence. The majority of today's singles are willing to wait until marriage, but they lack the inner strength and self-esteem to overcome their physical desires. Many fear they will lose love if they postpone sex, and therefore feel the urge for premarital intimacy. However, once one realizes and understands the dangers of their actions, abstinence shouldn't be hard to put into practice and follow.

Abstinence also shows that one has strong moral values because they are willing to put off sex so they won't harm their body or someone else's. Current studies show that those with strong ties to their families are less likely to have premarital sex. Families have a unique bond and therefore can instill ethical values into their children. People that practice abstinence will also enjoy a much longer life. Current strains of gonorrhea are so strong that conventional antibiotics have become useless in destroying its harmful bacteria. AIDS claims thousands of lives each year, and hundreds of others are infected each day by sexually transmitted diseases. One must avoid these drastic measures at all cost and must therefore refrain from premarital sex. The only quality one must possess in order to practice this virtue is self-control. It takes a strong inner power to say no to sex, but the benefits will be manifold. Once one can control his/her inmost passions and desires abstinence will be easy.

In conclusion, one must recognize the hazards of sex before marriage and understand its consequences. Many venereal diseases are incurable, and one's whole life can be ruined by contracting a certain virus. Think before you put yourself into a compromising situation that could lead to disaster down the road. Diseases and pregnancies can't always be prevented, but abstinence is certain way to avert any and all possible problems.

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