Monday, April 4, 2011

Essay on Heritage

Essay on Heritage

It appears that human beings are indeed a product of the former generations whether we are aware of it or not. Each individaul undoubtedly carries many different sorts of heritage which may be in a form of physical material or spritual values which reflect in their norms and traditions.

However, many people may not realise that our heritage may be important in the sense that it has an undeniable impact on our thought, behaviour and life.

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It seems as to some people, an ancient artifact which has been passed through from generation to generation might seem to be only a piece of decoration in their house.

It might seem to be worth nothing but only serve as an item of collection, but its spritual value still remains no matter how long time passes by. The fact is that the artifact may be the only link that connects us to our ancester. It carries the spirit, history and intention of its previous owner and therefore might be regarded as a reminder of the owner to whomever it is passed to. However, physical material such as an artifact only serves as a reminder to us. It is far more important to realise that whatever spritiual ideas or values that we have inherited are always inside us with or without the reminder.

Besides physical legacy in a form of materials and genetical one which is our bodily features, we have also been passed down knowlegde, ideas, skills and traditions.

It is important for us to be aware that these spritual inheritances are what define us and make us different from others. Without heritage, every family or community or country would be alike. We wouldn’t have our own identity and we would not be unique as we are today. Knowledge and traditions would have been lost, there would be no relationship between individuals. Love would no longer exist as emotions disappear and life would have lost its meaning.

On the other hand, it is also considered wise not to let our heritage pre-destine us or hold us back from what we want to become. That is, despite of whatever caste or social status we were born under, it is in the end up to us to create our own identity and lead the life we want to live. This element of self-reliability is as important as the acknowledgement of our heritage. Surely we should not forget what our ancestor has done and passed to us but we must also remember that the decision is in our hands. The dicision to pass on legacy and create the future, not only for us but also for the next generation.

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