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The Anzac Spirit Essay

The Anzac Spirit Essay

Many Australians have demonstrated the Anzac spirit in their field of choice. The Anzac spirit is that of pride for Australia. The Anzac spirit can be represented by comradely behavior with the willingness to help others in need, thinking of them before you. The Anzac spirit is something that Australians strive for in themselves and expect it in others.

To be classed to have the Anzac spirit the person must have influenced or contributed to Australians medically, artistically, spiritually, through sports or in defending our country. These individuals have been made Australian role models for displaying this quality.

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The Anzacs landed on Gabe Tepe on the 25th of April 1915. The 30,000 men army, who first landed, attempted to gain precious ground up the beach. The Australian New Zealand Army Corps suffered an inconceivable casualty list. The Turks were hit by other attacks from the allied forces and strengthened their defenses on the peninsula making it nearly impossible for the Anzacs to penetrate. The Anzacs showed incredible courage charging the Turks with only their bayonets even though they knew that this meant almost certain death. A total of 10,539 Anzacs were killed and an amazing 24,193 were injured, this demonstrates how they had risked their lives for the future of Australia. This courage reflected on the world - view of Australia. We had proved that we were able to defend ourselves in a time of war and were a force to be reckoned with. These men and women did an invaluable service for our country.

One person who represents the Anzac spirit is John Simpson Kirkpatrick. Simpson was an Englishman who only lived in Australia for four years. During that time he travelled around Australia as a swagman, working as a jackeroo and a coal miner.

John Simpson was regarded, as a true Australian described as a larrikin and a man who strongly disliked discipline. Simpson was in his day a tall, strong and muscular man. He was also renowned for his kindness to animals. In Australia John Simpson always had a dog following him, as well he adopted an orphaned possum at black-boy hill.

Simpson's job in the war was to carry wounded soldiers on the back of his donkey. He would take them back to the first aid post where they would receive medical treatment. His mission was a highly dangerous one because he was right in the firing line without a weapon. This made him an easy target for Turkish snipers.

John Simpson is an Australian hero portraying the Australian spirit. This is shown even when he was advised not to go into the field on his donkey but he refused replying "my troubles". Simpson showed every aspect of a 'true Australian', including bravery, independence, friendly in nature, polite and a bit of a larrikin.

Simpson was not the only Australian to display this character, Edith Cowan one of Australia's most famous women showed the Australian spirit helping thousands of women by fighting for equal rights to men. Edith was brought up in an unstable household, her mother died when she was eleven and her father shot and killed his second wife a crime for which he was hung.

At the age of seventeen Edith married James Cowan who worked in the Supreme Court. Witnessing her husband's work she noticed the partial judgments made by the court involving women's rights. Such as a husband who beat his wife was not seen as serious crime.

Edith was inspired by her injustice to fight for the welfare of all women no matter of their appearance. Edith campaigned for women to have the right to vote. She was also worried that women were not getting adequate medical treatment and played an instrumental role in the building of Perth - King Edward's hospital for women.

During World War 1 Edith's kind-hearted nature was demonstrated collecting food, clothing and other items for the soldiers on the front lines. As the chairperson of the Red Cross Appeal Committee she helped the wounded.

In 1920 Edith was awarded the order of the British Empire and in the same year was the first woman elected to Australian parliament. Although Edith Cowan has passed away she is remembered for illustrating the Australian spirit of fighting for what you believe in. She led a new generation of independent women, a role model for all Australians.

People are not born or destined to be heroes they become one from the decisions they make in life. Only a special calibre of person is to become great, the people who demonstrate the Anzac spirit. These people are highly regarded in the community as they have contributed to the people of Australia. For this reason they are often popular and their story is incorporated into a tale where the truth maybe lost maximizing their heroism. The individuals true personality may be altered so they are seen as something that they are not.

Many people go unrecognized for their tireless work in the community especially in the field of charity and aid work. These people do not receive immense media coverage because this area is not deemed interesting by television networks. People involved in charity and aid work help more underprivileged people than most other fields. These men and women truly carry the Anzac spirit, they give up their life to help another. To be in this calibre of individuals a person must be truly great.

All the people that contain the Anzac sprit should receive acclaim. It is truly incredible that people like John Simpson, Edith Cowan, Sir Donald Bradman, Dr Victor Chang, Sir Robert Menzies and Albert Namatjira have accomplished so much in their life. They have all overcome obstacles such as racism and sexism. To accomplish what they have individuals must possess spirit and passion for what they are doing.

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