Thursday, April 7, 2011

Essay on Music Lyrics

Essay on Lyrics in Music

There have been many debates over the censorship of songs containing profane language. Mostly the parents and the media blame incidents on the lyrics of the music. However, the artists and producers defend the musical lyrics, and claim that these acts come purely from self-inspiration, not from influence of the music. Although almost everyone is directly affected, some people do not or will not admit to profane music having a personal influence. I believe that lyrics have quite an influence on people and what they do.

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For instance, I remember my mom telling me a story that she had read about a boy being found dead in his bed by his parents one morning. It was said that he shot him self and he still had his headphones on while listening to a Marilyn Manson CD. There was also some finding that over fifty percent of substance users named heavy metal as their number one choice of music. I believe that if an artist sets an example of being cool and performing harmful acts, a listener may reproduce his actions in trying to be cool or accepted.

In many cases I think that the laws need to become more enforced when it comes to selling explicit language CDs to the youth. I have seen in many cases where stores will sell to anyone without checking any kind of identification. The younger crowd is more influenced than anyone by today's music, which definitely means that the restrictions levels that have been placed on it should always be enforced. As you can see the laws against this are not yet strong enough from preventing children with these sticked CDs, because many of them still have them. With children listening to this kind of music, their attitude is never going to be for the better.

Over all musicians with profane language their number of songs, music videos, and concerts containing these explicit lyrics are increasing. There are many obscene songs along with videos that are being presented to the public. I feel that new, stronger, and more enforced laws would decrease exposure to the younger audience. I feel that it is necessary to create and follow these new laws, to make sure that our youth's attitude is more positive. It could also play a role in having a better future for the children. These new laws might be able to protect younger listeners from leaning and accepting such a violent way of living.

It is because the country's youth are listening to these types of songs, that both children and teenagers are committing more crimes, start drinking alcohol at an illegal age, begin using drugs, and form racist or sexist opinions on things that they might not of ever thought of. I know that all of these actions could have been prevented because all of the things mentioned are learned though the music. It is in the best interest of our country to evaluate this situation carefully, and come up with stronger more enforced law to protect them from any more harm. In no way do I feel that it is necessary for these artists to say what they say in their music about violence and drugs. Especially when they know that their music is listened to by many teenagers. So I feel that it is safe to say that the profane lyrics have much to do with what goes on in our society.

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