Thursday, April 7, 2011

Essay on Grammar Classes

Essay on Grammar Classes

In my opinion, I learned a little from the grammar class itself. The grammar class here means two hours - class every two weeks. I think grammar classes are too short. It's no more than 20 hours a term. In the first term, we spent too much time on presentation. It should have been interesting and helpful, but honestly speaking, I cannot remember any presentation except the one I did with my group members.

In fact, every group tried their best to make their own presentation more attractive, however, the results were different. Some were funny and some were boring. Sometimes I even found difficult to understand what they were talking.

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Writing key points on the blackboard might be a good way for better understanding, but if we could have written the key points in computer, typed it and handed it out before presentation, maybe the reaction would be better. Besides this, we didn't have enough exercises during the first term. I think the teacher should prepare some proper exercises that can be done after presentations. If this presentation is about articles, we should do exercises about articles. This can help us consolidate what we have learned in the presentation. In the second term, grammar classes seemed better. The exercises we did were helpful for Band 4.

Final exam is interesting. Making up a meaningful and creative story with 16 verb forms seemed difficult at first. But when I had finished writing the story, I found I knew better about these 16 verb forms. I wanted to use these forms correctly, so I looked up grammar books for further information. This helped me understand the differences between some similar verb forms. In the past, I was often puzzled with some verb forms and I did not know how to use them correctly. With the help of making up a short story, I am not puzzled any longer.

Although I am not much interested in the grammar class itself, I find it helpful to follow the teacher's advice and reference. The books that our teacher advised us to read are great. I take great interest in Oxford English Usage. It tells me many detailed usages of words and phrases. It also talks about the differences between some similar words or phrases. Some of the differences have been my weak points for a long time. So through this book, I can find what I have not mastered yet. This book is a good teacher of learning grammar, isn't it?

Grammar log is also a good way to learn grammar. Once I find any problem on grammar, I would write it down on my exercise book. Then I will look for the correct answers either by looking through the grammar books or by consulting other classmates. Through grammar logs, I can get a better communication with others. We can exchange our attitudes toward certain problem and look for a right answer together.

Besides these, I find learning grammar through Internet is a very good way. On the net, there are many special websites about grammar. For example:, and Some of the websites are interesting and attractive. Sometimes they even use flashes to show the grammar usages. It' very funny. There are many grammar exercises on the net, too.

Grammar class has been over, but we will still face some grammar problems in our further studies. I will remember what I learned about grammar in my sophomore. I will go on reading my grammar books and writing grammar logs.

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