Monday, April 11, 2011

Essay on Epiphany

Essay on Epiphany

I'm writing my essay on epiphany... On Sunday September 7th, I watched a television show on the discovery channel about large magnificent homes. While watching this show I was enthralled by the brilliant houses that they were showing. Some homes were on 60+ acres of land with huge Olympic size swimming pools and room to have over 400 guests entertained at parties. Some of the homes were very modern, while others were old Victorian style houses. Some owners of these homes employed an army of gardeners, chefs, and house keepers. The show also showed biographies of the people that were dwelling in the home. The people looked like average everyday Joe Schmoes'.

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I soon realized that these people are not average people; these people are living life to the extreme. Americans are starting to think bigger is better; bigger homes, bigger cars, and bigger properties. Taking advantage of life's luxuries may leave out some of important family values that are overlooked today. What happened to the tight knit family life where families worked together to support one another? Is a full time chef really necessary to have? While some view it as luxurious, it doesn't seem that the family would value the meal as well as a family that had to work 40 hours a week to make a living, and still come home and cook their own food.

When I was younger, my mom was finishing her degree in accounting and working two full time jobs. She would still make sure that she made it home to make dinner for me and my sister, even if she was only home long enough to cook it. Yes, it probably would have been easier to stop and a burger joint and get a bag of food and come home and throw it on the table. But she did better than that, it made me feel closer to her knowing that she used her limited time to make sure her children were properly fed.

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