Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Red Convertible Essay

The Red Convertible Essay

In the story the Red Convertible, Lyman Lamartine tells us the story of two brothers, Henry and Lyman, who bought a red convertible together. Here Lamartine shows us how important this car was for Henry, the oldest brother and how much love were between these two brothers. They were both different but love each other very much.

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Henry, the oldest brother, was the one who likes the car more than Lyman. They both bought the car. Henry was not so lucky than his brother. It was not so easy for him get a job and money. On the other hand Lyman was different. He was younger but he could get a job very easily and he never worried about money.

Since they bought the car Lyman always act as if the car was Henry's car. When Henry went away for a long period of time Lyman took care of the car. He fixed everything he could and made it look nice. He also did not use the car very often. He knew that it meant a lot for his brother.

Henry came back home some years after. He was not the same guy he used to be. Lyman was right, after his brother came back home the only thing he showed to be interested in was the car. Lyman damaged the car so his brother will see it and fixed it, and he did it. As soon as Henry so his red car and saw that it was damaged he spent a lot of time fixing it and after a while he became almost the same guy he used to be.

In conclusion it seems that the red convertible was really something special for Henry and his brother knew it. Lyman gave the car to his brother after all. They both spent time together and had a good time and good memories with the car.

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