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Essay on Empowerment

Essay on Empowerment

The ability to affirm ones self is an act that involves many facets on how an individual can be perceived, and the manner in which others perceive the characterization of the individual. The main form of this elasticity to exercise this affirmation is by the action of empowerment.

Empower; in the form to equip or supply with an ability or enable; is the most fervent assertion of self independence one can bestow to themselves and to outside entities. It is a declaration that can be demonstrated with an affective realm mentally, emotionally, and communally. Stages of empowerment can be described in the following ways to ensure the expansion of the individual, and to gain prosperity in all aspects of human existence.

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Empowerment is only as good as its mental state. The Mind is the foundation and the birthplace in which all empowerment can be extruded. The focal point of empowerment is determined by the level of confidence one has in order to make the exhibition of empowerment more authoritative. This can easily be identified with society's educational status levels in which we are engrained from childhood. In opinion, the stereotype is by far accepted that the higher the level of education an individual exhibits; a more increasingly amount of empowerment is produced and exercised due to the exposure of educational access and an influx of support by the individual's domestic structure and surrounding community as compared to those who lack similar traits and emotional infrastructure. Influenced by a continual drive of psychological acceleration; it is of the output empowerment gives that drives the individual to strive for greatness, the omnipresent benefactor of confidence and accomplishment that robustly rejuvenates the mind to continue striving for excellence, thus equating to an overall higher level of self confidence within the individual.

Society; within the past 50 years has over exalted status quo's on characteristics that majorities believe make the characteristics of an individual. From the amount of material possessions, to status of occupational rank, empowerment plays a key role in determining where one will place their niche. Empowerment is essential in the fact that it produces a surplus of confidence, thus assertive one's self into raising the bar in today's modern socioeconomic hierarchy. The only constraint in the progression of empowerment is limitation of the psychological mindset. In other words, the surest way to combat the progression of empowerment is the individual himself. Prosperity, as believed in general society; is only granted to those who seek it. By inquisition, action must be taken and how that is done is through the act of empowerment. The socio-economic status of an individual can be clearly defined and dignified by the power he invests within himself. Without it, affluence within a lifespan is un-manifested.

While it yet to remains unknown why empowerment is so effective to each individual, the position remains identical: Empowerment transmogrifies the fortitude and disposition of an individual as long as the individual wishes to transform. With emotional renovation comes a renewed attitude and aptitude of growth and acceptance.

Empowerment breaks down the barriers of unconstructiveness, indecisiveness, and mental apathy that would otherwise hinder the development of becoming a new being; mentally, emotionally, and with personal and public sectors being finances.

Concluding, empowerment is more than just an action of physicality, it is an affirmation into the subconscious realm that rejuvenates that mind and soul from within, to bring about the actions that will then take forth.

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