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Essay on Sickle Cell Anemia

Sickle Cell Anemia Essay Paper

I have had sickle cell anemia since I was a child. I grew up like most other kids. I would sometimes take the medication "hydroxyurea". This medication helps me to cope with some of the pain that I experience. This pain happens when some of my red blood cells get stuck and have trouble traveling through my blood vessels. This happens because of my disease.

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Sickle cell anemia is an inherited disease. It affects some of your red blood cells by making them shaped abnormally. While normal red blood cells are round, Sickle cell anemia causes some of my red blood cells to be shaped like a sickle, or other deformed shapes. The doctors discovered that I had this disorder by performing "Hemoglobin electrophoresis". This disease does not affect me mentally. The abnormally shaped blood cells contain "Hemoglobin S". The red blood cells contain a lot of the oxygen that the body needs, and the abnormally shaped blood cells have more trouble carrying the oxygen. The only way to truly cure my disease is through a bone marrow transplant, which replaces the factory in my body, which produces red blood cells.

Most people at my school know that I have this disease, even though I haven't told them. I feel that people who talk to me and know I have this disorder try to be nicer to me or treat me differently just because I have this condition. Although I know that they are not really trying to do this, or they really are trying to treat me normally, this treatment sometimes gets annoying. Although I know this could work to my advantage, the treatment of people always giving me the benefit of the doubt about most things, can also grow annoying. I think it's stupid for people to automatically believe me when I say that I didn't do something wrong, when I easily could have. My attitude toward life is probably a little better than the average person. Because I have realized the possibility that I could very-well die, I believe that I take life a little more seriously and less for granted than other people do. I only wish that I could try to enlighten other people's mind-sat towards this more healthy attitude and point of view. Having this disorder has not really changed my finances, time, goals or education from that of any other persons.

My relationships with God, family and friends is probably more close than other people just because I know that I have this disease which could make me die earlier than the average persons, and I would like to get the most I could out of my life with them. I would like a person to treat me as they would anyone else, which seems to be hard for them for reasons I can not understand. I sometimes get depressed about having this disease. When this happens, I usually just recognize that the majority of people are "normal", and I have a very interesting life story, and because I am not "normal", I am a very unique person, with a great outlook on life. I do have a right to life, medical insurance, and treatment because I am pretty much the same as any other person, I have just got a small physical handicap which I was born with. I did nothing to deserve this disorder. This difference in my life has had some good things come out of it like my outlook on life. Things I do differently are mostly things I have already mentioned, like taking less for granted. Taking life for granted less makes me think of other things I could potentially take for granted. Being thankful and more appreciative for these things I think makes me a better person.

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