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Tess of the d'Urbervilles by Thomas Hardy Essay

"Tess of the d'Urbervilles" Essay

The main character of the book "Tess of the d'Urbervilles" written by Thomas Hardy is a young lady named Tess Durbeyfiled who has her entire life controlled by fate combined with her own innocence toward the people around her. We see this through-out the novel. Hardy a dose this by placing it Tess in many situations which are on favorable to her but that she has no control over. She is also often placed in the situation by being so nice, and understanding and not wanting anyone to be angry with her. The fact that there actually is a story is completely left up to chance.

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Her innocence is demonstrated early in the book when we see that she would even go off to another place simply to help her parents. At no point did she actually want to go but feels that she does not have a choice. And that this going away is what sparks all of the mishap innings that would happen to Tess later on in the book demonstrates how the fate would control her life.

Then as soon as she arrives at the Stoke-Urbervilles home, the first person that Tess would meet is Alec d'Urberville. This in itself is just bad luck because Alec would then be the cause of all Tess' sorrow the rest of the book. He forces himself on her, will never leave her alone, and comes back later in the book to once again cause her pain.

Tess then becomes a victim to another man and her life named Angel Clare. Angel feels that he loves Tess but to once again, as fate would have it, Angel does not about Tess' past and thus does not know what the real Tess. Al these little details would then come back in the end be what causes Angel and Tess to separate. In this part of the book Tess demonstrates how she can be controlled by a man when she is ready to do anything for Angel's love. Except the one thing she knows she cannot do is tell him about her dark past.

Fate once again comes into Tess' life when she finally worked up the courage to go and ask the Clare's for money and when she and arrives at the House she finds Angel's two brothers, Cuthbert and Felix, mocking people from poorer families. This discourages Tess and so she decides to not even talk to the Clarence and runs away. When she arrives back to her mother she finds that they are now so poor with a her father having died that they will not be able to re-lease their house. So here we see that really fate is the reason that they could not re-lease their house.

We can even look beyond the time frame of the book to demonstrate how fate has control over all of the characters in this novel. It is a simple coincidence that Tess Durbeyfield it is a descendant of and noble family that had gone to ruins. It is a simple coincidence that Tess' father had crossed Parson Tringham and the Parsons had told him about how he was descendant of an ancient noble family.

So when we look at how, when Tess is placed in certain situations and thus reacts to these situations, we can easily see that it is not her fault that she is in such a position and we can easily see in her reactions how she is just an innocent young lady who looks to make everyone happy around her and places her own well-being last. How ironic it is that out of all the d'Ubervilles, Tess would be the most noble.

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