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Essay on Hatchet

Essay on Hatchet

The plot of this story begins when Brian Robeson is driven by his mother to the airport. His parents are divorced, in which Brian knows a secret or the affair his mother is having. Brian’s mother gives him a Hatchet that he places in his belt. Brian boards a plane headed for the Canadian oil fields where his father lives. Brian is asked by the pilot to fly the plane for fun. Brian had some knowledge about planes and how they function. When he finishes and sits down, the pilot displays some odd behavior and starts releasing odors. Brian noticed that the pilot lost consciences and panicked when the plane was losing control. He tried using the radio for help, but it didn’t last because of his distance. He knew that he was going to run out of fuel and had to think of a way to land among the trees. When the plain ran out of fuel, he had spotted a lake and roughly maneuvered the plane into it to save his life. Swimming out of the plane he found himself in the wilderness.

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This crash had obvious devastation upon him, but the most difficulty was how he would manage out here without skills. All he had was a hatchet, his windbreaker with the rest of his apparel and a twenty-dollar bill. He woke up the next morning because of mosquitoes that were swarming over him. The feeling of pain and hunger had caught up to him, so he figured that he needed to find food for energy to help his body heal. Brian found some berries (Choke berries) and ate many pounds worth to satisfy his hunger. The effects of those berries had taken their toll on Brian and he felt real sick and called them Gut Berries. Here the days were hot and the nights were cold. Brian dreaded the heat because he sustained heavy injuries during the crash and this heat inflamed his injuries and swelling. The cold prevented him from getting good sleep.

Later that night, he was sleeping in a recessed part of a cliff, almost a cave, when a porcupine had entered inside. Brian panicked and threw his hatchet at it then kicked it. The porcupine left eight quills in his leg. The next morning he set out to make a fire, but he needed to know how to start. Brian thought to make sparks by using his hatchet, but he didn’t ignite anything so finally he tore up a twenty-dollar bill, shredded dry bark and set a couple of twigs into a bed for the fire. He scraped the hatchet across the stone and blew on the bark to add air. When the fire started he decided to make firewood to keep it going all the time. Brian’s next task was food, so he made a spear to catch fish, but after failure he made a bow and arrow out of willow, a shoelace and sharpened sticks. To gather fish he made a trap and water pit with an opening to gather fish and keep them alive. His last task was a shelter to protect him. He used big logs and willows to weave a tight wall. This protected his fire, his turtle eggs and his tools. One night a tornado passed through and destroyed everything he had and built. The tornado also moved the plane nose down so the tail was out of the water. After Brian had recovered as much as he could, he made a raft to go to the plane and retrieve a survival bag. He was forced to cut an opening in the tail and climb in. Finally, he retrieved it and headed for the land. Brian was so tried he slept immediately. Next morning he found every useful supply, including an emergency transmitter. A couple days later a rescue place landed to find him in response to the emergency transmission that was send from the transmitter when it was unpacked with the rest of the supplies. Brian had learned the deeper meanings to life and he also improved both mentally and physically.

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