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English Essay on My Brother

Essay about My Brother

My two brothers decided to party the night of New Years Eve. My perfect brother James had never had never done any drugs. He had never touched a cigarette or drunk a drop of beer in his entire life. Unfortunately, my brother Micheal had done all these things and much more. His is the son that every mother dread having. I guess you could say that he was the soul of the operation and all the peer pressure for James. I remember that night so clearly, almost as if I can close my eyes and it happens all over again.

James and Micheal were crushing ice for mixed drinks that they planned on intoxicating them selves with. Micheal had already had a few beers and was working on another one. James was waiting on the ice.

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A few moments later I saw my perfect brother with a half empty glass in his hand. He had already started to act funny. I knew that it had to be that he was a virgin to the whole drinking sense. "James, are you okay." I asked. All that I got in response was a few mumbles. Mom thought he was just drunk, but Micheal being an expert because of years of experience knew that something wasn't right. He said that James was getting a little too drunk, a little too quick. Then he said," I've seen a fair share of cheap drunks, but no one has ever got drunk off a half of a screw-driver."

By the time that James glass was empty, he was lying on the floor using his arms as his only means of moving from one room to another. He had already lost all functions of his legs. "Get him to bed," mom said. He was now wasted and getting too annoying even for drunken annoying people.

Mom and Micheal had put James to bed. After one mixed drink, my perfect brother was acting like a maniac. He yelled for about a half an hour for someone to come to him. I had gotten tired of hearing him so I went to see what it was that would make him go on like he was.

I turned the light on so I could see my so-called perfect drunken brother. He was lying there on the bed with his arms wrapped around himself and tears rolling from his eyes. "James please don't drink anymore." I said with a sigh. As I got closer to him, I could see a weird look in his eyes. He never replied to my request, he just laid there silent. Out of nowhere, his eyes began to roll in the back of his head.

Frantically, I yelled for my mother. As she entered the room asked, "What's wrong?"

"Something is wrong with James, I expressed loudly as she stood in the doorway. "Sweetie, he's just drunk, he'll be fine in the morning." She explained. Look at him mom!" I said in a trembling voice.

She stepped closer to the bed so she could see her drunken son more clearly. His body was stiff at first but he began to jerk and gasp for air. My mother's eyes widened and her mouth dropped. "Tell Micheal to bring some cold wet rags and a bucket." She ordered. I wasn't sure what the bucket was for but I didn't take the time to ask, I just did as I was told.

When I explained to Micheal what was going on, he quickly sobered up. He got the things mom had asked for and handed me the phone. "Call the ambulance service and tell them that your brother is suffering from alcohol poisoning." He ordered.

My mother had written the ambulance service number on the front of the phone book, in case of an emergency. It was a good thing because I wouldn't have been able to find the number as quick as I did. Holding the phone in my sweaty palm, I found it difficult to dial the number because my hands were so shaking so badly. When the operator answered the phone, I explained to her what was happening, even though I didn't know myself what exactly was going on. "We think that he has alcohol poisoning," I said. Before I could finish my sentence she asked for the directions to where we were. After giving her the direction, she assured me that the paramedics would be there right away.

My brain felt as if it was frozen. There wasn't anything else that I could do. So I dropped to my knees and prayed for God to spare the life of my brother. That night I prayed with everything that I had in me.

The ambulance arrived, and quickly put James on the stretcher. They didn't leave our driveway as soon as they got James in the ambulance. They worked on him for what seemed like a lifetime. I had an aching in my heart that hurt so badly. I was down on my hands and knees praying for God not to take my brother away from me.

My mother rode to the hospital in the ambulance with James. She promised to call as soon as they told her something. We all waited by the phone impatiently. I could tell that Micheal thought the whole thing was his fault. "He's going to be fine, you know James, he's tough, he'll be alright." Micheal said with a doubtful look on his face. I hoped that he was right. Then the phone rang. Micheal told me to answer it, I could see tears come into his eyes. I grabbed his hand and picked up the phone. "Mom?" I asked. "He's going to be alright." She answered before I had time to ask. The smile that appeared on my face must have let Micheal know that his brother was going to be okay. Mom said that they had to stay all night at the hospital, but her and James both would be home before I woke up the next day. When I laid down to sleep that night I said my prayers as I usually do, I just added a lot more thanks.

Although I didn't lose my brother that night. I lost the carelessness of being able to go to a party and get wasted. How can people drink without the thought of someone that they're drinking with may end up dead by the end of the night. When my friends ask me to join them at a party where there is alcohol, I tell them that I'd rather not and then try to get them not to go. I know that alcohol doesn't seem like a serious thing to them, but they haven't seen alcohol with death relating to it. I am thankful for knowing the effects of it, I just wish that every teenager could have seen what I saw that New Years night.

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